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Monday, March 31, 2014

Increase English Vocabulary - Learn English Speaking and Writing

Increase English Vocabulary - Learn English Speaking and Writing

Hello Friends How are you ? hope you all are fine i was too busy in my real life work that's the reason of little gap, friends today i want to tell you that are looking for any software that can help you to learn English language quickly . of course there are many softwares that will boost your vocabulary and make you a well known English talker too , friends you know nowadays there are many free and paid softwares in the market and you all are aware of these softwares benefits now let's come to point . if you have not enough vocabulary then you can use many online vocabulary increasing sites that will help you a lot .

4 English Language Vocabulary Increasing Sites‎
Friends these are sites that will help you to Increase your Vocabulary and i hope you will take advantages of these sites , if you like my post feel free to share it thanks.

Withdraw Skrill Moneybookers money in Pakistan's Bank account

Withdraw Skrill Moneybookers money in Pakistan's Bank account

Skrill is formally called Moneybookers . Exactly like Payoneer or Paypal it is actually the highest quality and also quicker payment transaction way . It permits the customers send and pick up payments worldwide by using an online deposit account ( also known as e-wallet ) . In your own e-wallet just transfer or pick up skrill to skrill amount , that is certainly much better than sending or getting cheque , payment order or wire transfers . we’ll be discussing each and every stage in this post to be able to allow you to know concerning the process to use Skrill in Pakistan for the online money and also transactions . 

A bit just about Skrill Moneybookers : 

The owner of moneybookers is Skrill Limited , a licensed Uk corporation of cash Service Buiness . The Money Conduct Authority is answerable to handle , control the working and also licensing of Skrill worldwide . With Skrill , you may send and receive amount all over the world in greater than 40 various currencies . Isn’t it awesome to use and also transact with our customers or even freelance contractors around the world in their currencies ? Sure it truly is , Skrill is a nicely helpful and faster method of transaction , you will need just a minute to send and receive amount by using this medium . 

Getting at Skrill :
Trying to get a Skrill account is very simple . You just need to carry out these types of easy suggestions to be certain that your account becomes working and also verified in a smaller time period . 

Step#1 : 

First of all you must sign up for an account with right username , personal information , location , a phone number as well as other data typed in : 

Step#2 : 

As soon as the singing-up procedure is finished , you might be taken away by the system to your own Skrill control panel . Here i want to inform you which you can not send or get any kind of amount before you have verified the account . 

Step#3 : 

The verification procedure includes 3 easy methods ; 1st they might confirm your phone number by contacting you or giving a verification pin , which you simply must put back to the site , next you may still have to add either a credit card or bank account for verification , while the 3rd procedure is they might send a letter with key code to your house address . 

Note : After making an account , you have to 1st confirm the email to additionally modify your account . 

Step#4 :

As soon as you get the letter at your home , unfold it and put the concealed pin back in the site’s confirmation box . Just in case bank account confirmation is required , they might either request you to mail the scanned banks declaration or even an additional recommendation code that may be usually came with with the first withdrawal . 

Step#5 : 

The time each one of these verification procedures are finished , the Skrill is willing to be utilized for additional transfers . You will be no free to receive or send the amount to your partners or business colleagues all over the world . 

Withdraw payment from Skrill to Pakistan

It is very simple to withdraw amounts from Skrill to any kind of Pakistani bank . You just need to consider the following easy tips . 

Step#1 : 

1st you must add your bank ( Standard Chartered and Faysal bank preferred ) by adding Swift Code and bank name’s proper spelling in the My Account > My Profile > Listing of Bank Accounts > Bank section . 

Step#2 : 

When you have placed this data , the bank will get linked to your profile . Remember that the spelling on the banking account and Skrill must be similar if not not a single payment could be transacted by them to the bank because of safety causes . 

Step#3 : 

Whenever someone has sent you amount into Skrill and money can be found then you can certainly withdraw the amount by gonna withdrawal option accessible in your control panel . 

Step#4 : 

Skrill generally costs from $3 to $20 for each withdrawal based upon just how much total you might receive . 
Step#5 : 

When you have verified the date of birth to the Skrill , they might send your cash within 3 to 5 running days . This amounts will be accessible in your bank statement and right now it is time that you can value your Skrill withdrawals .

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Run Games and Android Apps in Laptop or Windows PC

How to Run Games and Android Apps in Laptop or Windows PC

Most of the individual in today’s world smartphone and tablet use in their daily lives and use them in their work Too. All those who work on the PC or laptop, is now working on the smartphone, and can be easily Bullets. This technology makes life easier for people who like and use so many Apps. Games are also the most Compared with the previous version of the game as part of this technology is important, and this device do. All Apps and games to run on Android operating system, the operating system was developed by Google with the help of Different open source developers. It is very light weight and millions of operating system and application Games are available, and it went on.

Use this application to your smartphone and tablet, and people who want to use this on his laptop, it is the application is able to run on the laptop, which is possible with an optional software. When the software Compatible with Android operating system to install in your PC and run all the apps and games. You can also run Etc. Temple Run your Windows PC and run your favorite game also, Angry Birds apps on your Android Discussion How to run Android apps on Windows PCs.

1. Bluestacks

This Android apps and games in the PC is able to run and also “app player” that is known as a software.  After installing the software on your Windows or Mac PC software to run another app like it to run Android apps  And the inside game.

The Android operating system software without the PC running all the apps and games, there is no need to manage In this software in your PC operating system is different and is very easy to operate apps. A few steps to get started Bluestacks software in your PC, install the application first and then open it. Open after the software You run into your PC and install it in your computer and want to enjoy, then find their application or game Prefer to use another software application to your PC or game. Apps and games you can use the mouse to play.  If your laptop When using the tablet or smartphone as their work in their daily lives, touching the screen.

You can easily download this software from and its size is only 9.60MB. When you install the software Some of the files in your PC and are downloaded automatically. Also, “light”, which can serve 1 to download free apps. If you want to download to your PC then the new Android application on Google Play Go Shop, Amazon or any other options. Google play store, if you already use it or create a new ID on it.

2. YouWave

The bluestack is completely different, the Android operating system software installed in your PC like no other Install the software. After installation, it provides an interface that is completely identical and your smartphone Shot.

Youwave two different versions of the Android operating system Android 3.8 (144MB) and 2.3.4 (102MB) are still available. You can download it from, the free version has only 10 days and you can also buy 15 to $20. It can virtualize its Android operating system. All Android apps and games are run in The original style and features in which Android operating system.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Add POP UP Facebook Like Box For Blog & Website

How To Add POP UP Facebook Like Box For Blog & Website

Get the more fans to your fanpage blogger by adding a popup facebook like box to your blogspot.By adding this customized widget may know the visitors to know the number of people like your website and join your site directly.To get this widget follow below procedure:- 
Login to blogger->>
Design or Template->>
Edit Html Search for the </head> using (ctrl+f)
Now paste the below code above </head>

<script src=''></script> <script src="[]jquery.colorbox-min.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" /> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ if (document.cookie.indexOf('visited=flase') == -1) { var fifteenDays = 1000*60*60*24*30; var expires = new Date((new Date()).valueOf() + fifteenDays); document.cookie = "visited=true;expires=" + expires.toUTCString(); $.colorbox({width:"400px", inline:true, href:"#mdfb"}); } }); </script>

Save Template and you are done 50%.

 PART 2:
Go to page elements or layout –>>
Add a Gadget->> Html/java script
Add the below code in Html/java script box

<div style='display:none'> <div id='mdfb' style='padding:10px; background:#fff;'> <h3 class="mdbox-title">Receive all updates via Facebook. Just Click the Like Button Below<center><p style="line-height:3px;" >▼</p></center></h3> <center> <iframe src="//;width=300&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp;border_color=%23ffffff&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=258" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:300px; height:258px;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> </center><p style=" float:right; margin-right:35px; font-size:9px;" >Powered By <a style=" font-size:9px; color:#3B78CD; text-decoration:none;" href="  ">MastiNetwork4u</a></p>
</div> </div>

and now save the setting and see you done it if you like the post then like then join me googl.

Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Disable Facebook Place Trick

How To Disable Facebook Place Trick

Many people don’t want to share their location on Facebook for security reasons. If you are one of them and want to disable Facebook Places, you can simply do it by never "checking in" anywhere. But this is not enough. Yet your location can be shared if people tagged anywhere. To make your location/places anonymous permanently, follow the below steps:

Launch Facebook and login with your account. 
Go to ‘Account’ in the top right corner and click on ‘Privacy Settings’.
Click on "Customize Settings".
From the option, locate "Places I check in to" and "Include me in "People Here Now" after I check in". Now uncheck or make sure the check box next to "Include me in "People Here Now" after I I check in" is unchecked.

Also click on the dropdown menu next to "Places I check in to" and click on "Customize".
Now select "Only Me" from the first dropdown menu and click on “Save Changes”. This is as private as it gets.
Now get back to privacy settings and search for "Friends can check me in to Places" . From the dropdown menu, select "Disabled".
That’s it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Delete a Facebook Page Created by You

How to Delete a Facebook Page Created by You

Want to delete a page you created on Facebook? This guide will show you how to do it.

Once you have logged in to Facebook, go to the Page you want to delete. You can do this by looking for it using the search box at the top of your page.

Once you are there, click on the “Edit Page” button located near the top right hand corner of the Page, and then, in the appearing menu, select the option that says “Manage Permissions.”
Now, near the “Delete Page” label, click on the link that says “Delete [Name of the Page],” which is the one shown in the next image:
This will open a window in which you will have to click on “Delete Page” to confirm the action.

Once you have done this, the page will be deleted.

Friday, December 9, 2011

6 Traffic Generation Techniques

6 Traffic Generation Techniques


Generating traffic to your blog, whether new or old, is one task most webmasters are unable to do in the right way and are still struggling in traffic generation. They often try the wrong techniques and then get disappointed by lack of results. This is one of the reasons why so many bloggers give up so quick.
However, the point is… Generating traffic to your blog is amongst the easiest task you’ll ever come across. All it takes is a bit of reading on the internet and then adding your own creativity and mixing it. And of course, do it with dedication. If you’re going to do it as a job that needs to be done and get over with, then you won’t succeed at it.

Here are those 6 Unique Ways OF Generating Traffic which you may have not think of earlier.

1. Renovate Your Blog Design

Creating a new design for your site can often give you a boost in the traffic. Not only does the change spike interest everywhere, but you can also submit your new design to a few popular CSS Showcase galleries. These galleries, being popular, send back quite a bit of return traffic that can end up turning into loyal visitors. And at the end of the day, loyal readers is exactly what we want!

2. Write An Interesting List Article

If you’re looking to get seriously targeted traffic, then be one of the first people to write a ‘Top 10′ post about anything that’s new and being talked about. You could also simply write a ‘Top 10 Blogs” post relating to the blogs in your niche. That’s something a lot of people search for, and you stand a chance of getting a lot of search engine traffic.

3. Tener un blog Traductor – Have A Blog Translator

You may have not understood above line(instead of people understanding spanish) if I wouldn’t have provided the translation. And same may be the situation with the people who may not understand your blog language. Installing a translator plugin could help you to increase the blog traffic highly.
Don’t forget the fact that English is not the only language that users on the internet speak/understand. There’s quite a few that do not understand English very well. Having a translator facility on your blog will mean you can get a more diverse range of traffic. And quite a few of them may end up being repeat visitors. Because your blog is one of the few that allows them to read posts in their own language. There’s a few free plugins available to do that. But there’s a plugin or two that are paid. They do the job much better, though.
Note: At SmartBloggerz, Translator can be found in the footer. So use it ;)

4. Create valuable content

Nothing (and I mean, NOTHING) will ever create traffic that’s more valuable then the content on your blog. What you post should not only be informative but should also be capable of sparking a discussion. Such posts often get linked to from a lot of places and that’s when your traffic starts spiking.

5. Offline Promotion

Don’t forget that the only way to generate traffic is not just online. Include your URL in every place you possibly can, offline. On your business cards(if it’s a business blog), your car, your house (YES! it may sound funny), letterheads, etc. It’s not often that you see websites (particularly blogs) being advertised offline. And when you DO see one, you tend to remember it very well. That’s the affect offline advertising has on everyone!

6. Link baiting in forums

This is one overlooked traffic generation method. Write an interesting post, and include only a quarter or half of it. And leave a backlink to the blog in that post. Let people click through to your blog to be able to read the post.
How does this help? When they click through to your blog, a good % of them will generally engage themselves in another post or two on your blog. And quite a few will eventually subscribe. That’s it. That’s what I/you want!


So you just read 6 unusual but effective ways to bring traffic to your blog/website. Trying these methods will substantially increase your traffic if implemented properly.
Do you have any more unusual or interesting ways of traffic generation? Then please do share with us and your opinion about this article by commenting below


Random Ad Banners Widget For Blogger

Random Ad Banners Widget For Blogger


In most blogs which are selling ad spots you often have seen random Ad banners appearing when the page is refreshed. Ever wondered how to show random Ad Banners in Blogger? In today's tutorial we will learn how to create a Random Banner Widget for blogger which will show random Ad banners when a visitor visits a new page on your blog. Using this widget you can display as many Ad banners on a Sponsor Area as you want!

This widget is exactly similar to our previous 125 by 125 AD Banner Widget and in fact it is the most awaited one and have been requested several times by our readers. Just last night I succeeded in creating a simple Java script that uses Array of images and thus displays random images on Page refresh. Creating Random Art banners like this one is compatible to a reliable java web hosting.

Lets have a demo of the widget before jumping to the tutorial. Note:- Refresh the page to see new Ad banners.

How To Add Random Ad Banner Widget To Your Blogs?

Simply follow these steps,

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Page Elements
  2. Choose HTML/JavaScript Widget
  3. And Paste the following code inside it,

width="265" bgcolor="#ffffff">


URL OF ADVERTISER" rel="nofollow">Advertise Now!

1.  Replace URL OF ADVERTISER with the website link of the advertiser
2.  Replace URL OF BANNER’S IMAGE-1  and URL OF BANNER’S IMAGE-2 with the Image links of the Advertiser’s banners
3.  Replace AD DESCRIPTION with some information related to the Ad. The description appears on mouse hover.
4.  If you want to increase the distance between the ad blocks then edit width="265"
Now after making the necessary customization view your blog to see a beautiful 125 by 125 Banner widget that will change Banners on every different page.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick To Make Free Call to Any Number In World with movibox

Well this is not any hack of mobile services but instead a legitimate way of making a free call to any number in world.This can be a real helpful if you do not have any account balance in your mobile and you need to make a urgent call.This is the right time movibox can help you out.

So  what you will get with this service.
You will get free calling time of 5 minutes and you can call with it  anywhere in world to any mobile number.To make a call click on Direct call Button after you register a account with them.
Can you Make unlimited calls?
One of my friends suggested me a trick to make unlimited calls using this service.
What’s the Trick?
Well the trick is quite simple one..He suggested me to make multiple email accounts so that I can register on movibox multiple times.This trick worked for me around 5 to 6 times and I think they have figured out this method and Now my account gets automatically blocked when I create a new account.
BTW, I was not creating multiple email accounts instead I was using my gmail trick of multiple account.It worked like charm for 5-6 times and I guess they have figured this out.
What are the Mistakes That I could have made?
Well If you want to try the above trick..Please donot make following mistakes
  1. Donot make multiple movibox accounts quikly because then you can be easily figured out!
  2. Clear your cache and cookies before registering new Account.
  3. Donot use same mobile number everytime..use fake one at the time of registertion and change it later after succesful login into your account.
  4. Disconnect and reconnect your internet before registering new account as it will change your Ip address if you have dyanmic Ip address.
Do comment and tell me whether this trick is working or not for you people..In the meantime I will try to figure another way out.
Note:-If after you enter your details and click on register button and it takes too long to load then just go to homepage again and click on  Register for free..You will automatically get confermation code at your earlier entered email address
Note:-The purpose of this article is to make companies and developers aware about these type of loopholes.This is purely for educational purpose.

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